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Media Inquiries and Questions

The media relations staff at University Orthopedics is committed to responding quickly to media inquiries and facilitating interviews with our nationally respected experts in virtually every area of orthopedic care, sports medicine, and orthopedic research and education.  For requests 24/7 please email and a representative will be in touch with you. 

Please note that media relations staff are unable to respond to medical questions from the general public. Should you wish to discuss information about your experience as a patient call 401-457-1500.

University Orthopedic experts are available in our key areas, which include:

The Extremity Care Center addresses the following problems:

  • Hand pain, carpal tunnel, broken fingers, wrist injury 
  • Arm fractures, elbow pain, tennis elbow
  • Broken legs (femur and tibia fractures)
  • Knee pain, torn ACL, torn MCL, torn PCL, torn MCL, meniscus problems, knee cap injury
  • Shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems, ligament strain
  • Foot and ankle pain, foot & ankle fractures, Achilles tendon problems
  • Other types of ligament strains and pain symptoms related to arm/elbow/hand and leg/knee/foot.

The Joint Replacement Center addresses the following problems:

  • Hip replacement
  • Knee replacement
  • Shoulder replacement and reverse shoulder replacement

The Spine Center addresses the following problems:

  • All types of muscle & ligament strain related to the back and neck
  • Radiating pain from the back into the legs and foot
  • Radiating pain from the neck into the arm and hand
  • Weakness in a foot or hand caused by back or neck disc problems
  • Herniated or bulging discs
  • Sciatic nerve issues
  • Loss of control of bowel or bladder (cauda equina) caused by emergency back problems
  • Curvature of the spine (scoliosis or kyphosis) and corrective treatment with braces or
  • Scoliosis surgery
  • Spinal tumor

The Sports Medicine Center can overlap and interface with any of the above specialty centers providing non-surgical and surgical treatment, and injury prevention, specific to:

  • Professional athletes who need to be treated quickly to return quickly back to competitive sports for the benefit of their sports career and earning ability
  • Non-professional athletes and active men and women who are concerned with being able to return to their favorites sports like tennis, golf, water sports, running and other recreational activities
  • Injury prevention and dealing with overuse syndrome to reduce the likelihood of future injury

Across all these clinical “care centers” is a physical therapy team that provides customized therapy for each body part. This includes a therapy gym,and therapists in our outlying satellite locations.

Need an Appointment?

We have made it easier to schedule appointments, click the button to fill out an online appointment request form through the University Orthopedics scheduling portal or call the new central scheduling line 401-457-1500 to schedule an appointment.